Commission européenne : « Plan d’action de l’Union européenne sur l’obésité infantile, 2014-2020 »


  • Area for action 1: Support a healthy start in life – Main priority: to ensure an effective approach at an early stage as possible;
  • Area for action 2: Promote healthier environments, especially at schools and pre-schools – Main priority: to establish children’s health as a priority at schools : Develop a framework on preschool and school meals including the distribution of fruit and vegetables and drinking milk, e.g. via the existing EU School Fruit Scheme, EU School Milk Scheme and the proposal for a New School Scheme.
  • Area for action 3: Make the healthy option, the easier option – Main priority: to ensure a wide availability of healthy food choices to children;
  • Area for action 4: Restrict marketing and advertising to children – Main priority: to limit the exposure of children to advertisement of food/drinks high in fats, sugars and salt;
  • Area for action 5: Inform and empower families – Main priority: to inform and educate parents with children on their daily food and health choices;
  • Area for action 6: Encourage physical activity- Main priority: to increase the regular participation of children in sports or other physical activity;
  • Area for action 7: Monitor and evaluate – Main priority: Better monitoring and evaluation of children’s nutritional status and behaviours;
  • Area for action 8: Increase research – Main priority: Up-to-date and comparable information and data

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