SACN : « Carbohydrates and Health report 2015 »

“Dietary carbohydrates and their role in health were last considered by the Committee on the Medical Aspects of Food Policy in reports published in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, considerable evidence has emerged on the role of carbohydrates in cardiometabolic, colo-rectal and oral health. The present report details the evidence SACN has considered and the approach SACN has taken to reviewing the relationships between dietary carbohydrates and health. The evidence was assessed using the SACN Framework for the Evaluation of Evidence and graded according to a system developed specifically for this review. SACN commissioned systematic reviews of the evidence on cardiometabolic, colo-rectal and oral health to inform this report and this is the first time the committee has taken that approach. The findings of the systematic reviews have been used to inform the very detailed main body of the text which thereby provides a comprehensive and transparent account of the evidence and how SACN drew its conclusions.”

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