Landscape assessment on global monitoring of diet quality: conducted on behalf of the Diet Quality Working Group of the WHO/UNICEF Technical Expert Advisory group on nutrition Monitoring (TEAM).


« Diet related risk factors are the leading cause of poor health and mortality. Therefore, it is important to understand diet quality and to monitor it globally. Recognizing this need, the diet quality working group within WHO-UNICEF Technical Expert Advisory group on nutrition Monitoring (TEAM) undertook a landscaping exercise with 15 experts in the field of nutrition, agriculture, and environment. The objectives of this exercise were to understand how they define diet quality, learn about current initiatives on diet quality, and identify improvements needed in the global monitoring of diet quality.

Different definitions of diet quality have recently emerged from research projects and institutions, but consensus on the definition of “diet quality” or “healthy diets” was lacking. A clear and accepted definition of diet quality could facilitate the operationalization of diet quality monitoring. Four key concepts were identified for global monitoring: (i) consumption and intake to measure adequacy and moderation; (ii) food environment to understand the context and barriers that populations face to access healthy diets; (iii) dietary diversity; and (iv) sustainability. »

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