Food habits and life styles of Tamils in France and South India


103 pages

Résumé :

livre CMalenfant

INDIA does not reflect one culture, but is a multicultural, heterogeneous country about history, geography, languages, religions, rituals, food…

What about food and globalization ?

In this book, a special attention has been given to food habits and life styles of Tamil families and their children (0-6 years old) living in France and in South India.

The author shows the gravity taken by the obesity « phenomenon » which has become one of pathologies of this century, even in the countries where some people live below the poverty line. A good nutritional balance is the most important in life, but it is very difficult to achieve it, not only for the poor but also for the rich because of excess in consumption.

A better education in nutrition could be a key for women, specifically in India.

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